Real Not Rare

We need to flood our government officials with emails and social posts! They need to know there are many of us crying out for help! We are stronger together!

Here is a preview of the email you will be sending (if you choose to):

I am writing to you today because of an urgent public health issue. I received my COVID-19 vaccine and had an adverse reaction that led to long-term health impacts. After seeing countless cases like mine, experiencing medical neglect, and VAERS reports that lead nowhere, I am asking you for a meeting, to discuss ways you may be able to help.

We are real, not rare. We ask for:

1. Bi-Partisan legislation supporting compensation for those injured by the covid vaccines. This must include eligibility for those who have already received the Covid vaccines under the EUA and during the clinical trials, not just for those who receive the vaccines after full FDA approval. Failure to grant eligibility to these individuals would be a tragedy, as we have sacrificed for our families, communities, and our country.

2. Large scale research needs to be funded - to increase understanding of these reactions, find a path to recovery, and to help make the vaccines safer for everyone. There is currently no safety net for those injured.

3. We need full acknowledgement and disclosure of these reactions from our elected officials and federal agencies. We have been silenced for nearly a year. Stop the censorship and help create and environment where vaccine injury can be openly discussed.

4. The medical community needs to be informed of these adverse reactions so that we can obtain better medical care. The medical board currently has a rule that doctor's can lose their license for spreading vaccine misinformation. Many of our doctors are too afraid to write exemptions, write a diagnosis for vaccine injury, or even talk about it in fear of losing their license.

I am contacting you after many of us have attempted to contact the FDA and CDC since December of 2020. The failure of the CDC and FDA to publicly acknowledge these reactions and inform the medical community has left us without essential medical care, halted research, loss of employment, and for some loss of life.

We are caught in the middle between the anti-vax agenda and the pro-vaccine campaign. Many of the anti-vaxxers are telling us we should have known better and we deserve our injuries, while showing us off to prove their point. Then the pro-vaccine movement continues to silence, abandon, and marginalize us claiming the vaccines are 100% safe and effective for everyone. We do NOT want to debate the vaccine program. We come from all walks of life and viewpoints, and our opinions on the vaccine program are not what this is about! We just want a pathway to healing! We all took covid seriously, and each of us got the vaccine. We simply need acknowledgment, research, healthcare, and compensation.

You can see many of our stories at

I would love to meet with you to discuss these concerns further. When could we meet?