COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Speak Out

We represent hundreds of thousands of Covid vaccine injured Americans who have not been acknowledged by the vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, CDC, or the medical community. Despite our many efforts to make these agencies aware of the large number of individuals seriously injured by the Covid vaccines, we have been ignored. We have developed chronic debilitating and painful illnesses from the vaccines and do not have access to adequate medical care, as the medical community has not been informed about these reactions by the regulatory governmental agencies or vaccine manufacturers.

Our government and the vaccine manufacturers have ignored these injuries and have abandoned us. We want to bring attention to the appropriate agencies and our elected officials that these vaccine injuries exist. We need acknowledgement, validation by the medical community and appropriate treatment for our often incapacitating chronic illnesses. We feel it is imperative that research be funded to uncover the mechanisms of these reactions and develop successful treatments. We believe that there should be a compensation program for the vaccine injured who have lost their livelihoods and ability to earn a living due to their injuries.

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"I did my part to help control the pandemic by getting vaccinated. Now please do your part to help those seriously injured by the COVID vaccine."

The Vaccine Injured