Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas Now!

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Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas swore an oath to defend and secure the United States of America, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution tasks the executive branch – among whose officers is the Secretary of Homeland Security – with ensuring that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed. The Constitution also prohibits the government from punishing Americans who disagree with those in power.

But Secretary Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath of office. New documents uncovered by the Media Research Center's Free Speech America reveal that the Department of Homeland Security has labeled grassroots conservative organizations like Tea Party Patriots as a “terrorist threat”. These documents show the Biden administration is weaponizing DHS against the Tea Party and conservative groups, violating our most basic rights to speak freely and petition our government. This also comes at a time when DHS Secretary Mayorkas refuses to secure the border, and is allowing foreign enemies to enter the country unimpeded.

To have DHS’ terrorist prevention board label American grassroots conservative organizations, including Tea Party Patriots and others, as a potential terrorist threat and put patriotic Americans on a ‘pyramid of far-right radicalization’ is offensive, disgraceful, and tyrannical.

During the Obama era, Tea Party Patriots was deliberately targeted and persecuted by the IRS in one of the biggest government scandals of the modern era. Mayorkas’s DHS is apparently continuing the Left’s crusade to shut down opposition to their agenda by any means necessary.

We once again demand that Secretary Mayorkas be impeached and DHS return to its original mission of protecting our country against actual threats, instead of trying to intimidate American citizens into silence and submission.