No Forced Masks! Educate, Don't Mandate!

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The radical left has taken unprecedented steps to erase America’s liberties with unconstitutional mask-mandates. That's why Turning Point USA student activists across all 50 states are fighting back!

President Biden said “COVID-19 need no longer control our lives” … but they're still doing it! In fact, tens of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs, are facing termination, or are otherwise being hurt by the Left’s COVID mandates. They include medical workers, our brave soldiers, and federal workers such as the Border Patrol.

This is WRONG – and we must take action to stop it!

Please join 500,000+ TPUSA student activists as we rally for freedom and fight against COVID mandates! In just 60 seconds, you can call on Congress to use its “power of the purse” by defunding the mandates. With this single action, we can restore freedom to our great nation. Thank you!
"America's most precious gift is freedom, so we must do everything in our power to preserve it."

Charlie Kirk

Founder, Turning Point USA