NERC & FERC Reach Out

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We have produced a documentary warning the country about the threat of a ‘Grid Down’ scenario. This is a very ‘fixable’ problem if we get the nation’s citizens behind it.

We are reaching out to the twelve members of the Board of Trustees of NERC, the North American Electricity Reliability Council as well as the Commissioners of FERC to invoke new regulations to require our Power Grid be better protected.

The number of lives at risk in this kind of disaster could reach 250,000,000. This number of potential deaths is not hyperbole, but an estimate from the highly credentialed EMP Commission, which was commissioned by the US Congress to study this vulnerability.

Although, it may first appear to be a cause requiring a military threat to require a problem, a significant geomagnetic storm (from the sun) is expected to be a near certainty in the next fifty years, creating a similar level of damage which could kill tens of millions of Americans.

We’re warning about the risk of cyberattack, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and GMD (geomagnetic disturbance) leading to a protracted blackout lasting more than several months, which could cause millions of Americans to perish. The cyber-attack component of this threat was the subject of a national campaign that “consistently objective” Ted Koppel spent more than a year fighting to inform the American people about our grid vulnerability coming from cyber attacks in 2015-2016. He wanted American citizens to become aware and demand action from our government. Unfortunately, this never happened. We are trying again, and we expect to succeed this time, hopefully with your assistance.

This documentary will be one which should be seen by everyone. Please visit our website watch our current trailer:

Completely unique from other vulnerabilities is that there's absolute hope to be able to fix this weakness. Current technology exists to 'harden' our power grid and new high-tech products have made it less expensive. There are regional initiatives that are being successfully pursued that illustrate how success can be easily achieved with the right organization and effort and we cover one of these in some detail. We expect to leave the viewer with the idea of outrage, but then hope that this problem can be resolved, if everyone gets behind it.