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URGENT: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Stagnates on Important Nuclear Safety Issue

ACT NOW to help prompt Congress and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to MANDATE the protection, monitoring, and use of High Reliability Unattended Power Production technologies to protect spent nuclear fuel!



During the war in Ukraine, media outlets announced the blackout of the electric grid powering the cooling systems for spent nuclear at the infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Fortunately, the power was restored within hours and fortunately the spent fuel stored at Chernobyl is so old that there was little risk of it overheating and causing fires and the release of radioactive materials.

These news reports should serve as a warning, though, for the United States where we have about 86,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel stored on-site or near 75 nuclear sites in 33 states.

If a nuclear site loses off-site grid power and emergency backup power to its systems cooling spent nuclear fuel, fires and explosions can result in the release of radioactive materials which could contaminate large areas. If a long-term loss of electric power occurred across a widespread multi-state area and current back-up power systems failed or ran out of fuel, there is a real risk of radioactive contamination throughout the lower 48 states – a true environmental and societal catastrophe.

Thankfully, there are solutions to this vulnerability – solutions presented in a petition to the NRC 11 years ago by the Foundation for Resilient Societies. It’s time the NRC take action on this vital petition!

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