Stop the State of Emergency

For two years the governor has had unilateral power over the citizens, extending his emergency powers long after the emergency was over. In those almost two years, businesses have suffered and most of of all, our children have suffered. We need to call off this state of emergency and give back the power to the people and California legislators.

On February 13th, California hosted the Super Bowl in Inglewood in spite of the state being in a supposed state of emergency. There is no logical explanation for California to be hosting the Super Bowl, an event attended by 70,000 to 100,000 people, if there was a true emergency occurring in California.

We, the people of California, in all political parties, are ready to rescind his emergency powers and call off the state of emergency. It is time to give Californians their lives back. We are asking our elected representatives to lock arms and honor the will of the people.

Furthermore, the true current crisis is our children's mental health. The focus needs to be putting all resources towards repairing the damage being done at the public schools by these unnecessary reckless mandates. Our children are screaming for help and to ignore this is only going to cause damage that can not be reversed. This issue is non partisan and needs everyone’s effort to link arms to help our children and restore trust in our public school system.