End the CCP in the TSP!

No TSP for the CSP Coalition
Alongside the #NoTSP4CCP Coalition, the Coalition for a Prosperous America commissioned a deep-dive into the TSP’s Mutual Fund Window’s offerings to determine the extent of which bad-actor Chinese companies were receiving capital from the TSP, the federal government’s 401K plan and the largest defined contribution plan in the world.

CPA found that within the mix of the 5,000 different funds offered, at least 22 are China-only funds. CPA’s research also found that five of the largest international funds in the Window had an average weight of 22 percent toward Chinese companies, and all five funds held companies listed on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s list of Chinese Military-Industrial Companies, the Department of Commerce Entity List, the Commerce Department’s Unverified list, or the Department of Defense Chinese Military Companies list.

Companies are placed on these lists because they threaten U.S. national interests, have been involved in serious technology theft, and/or are implicated in the genocide of the Uyghur people!

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