YOU Should Decide Abortion’s Fate

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Nearly fifty years ago, Roe v. Wade was unjustly decided, taking the decision of abortion away from states and casting a new law of the land allowing women to obtain abortions for any reason through the first three months of pregnancy. It grew from there, now being legal to kill babies as they are being born at full term in some areas. Recently, a leaked draft of the majority opinion from the Supreme Court indicates that this ruling will be overturned. This gives us great hope, but our job is just beginning. House and Senate Democrats are busy behind the scenes crafting legislation and plotting to eliminate the Senate filibuster to codify unfettered access to abortion into federal statute. We cannot let them succeed.

Overturning Roe is certainly the correct action for the Court to take, and the leaked draft is exactly what we want in order to begin protecting babies at the state-level. This will give power back to us to decide the abortion restrictions in our states. Abortion activists are terrified of the states having power though because twenty-two states already have anti-abortion trigger laws that will go into effect post-Roe. Additionally, four states are currently considering pro-life bills. Americans are consistently defending life.

We need you to click the red button above to send your Congressman and Senators a message imploring them to oppose any effort that would undermine the SCOTUS decision and tie the hands of state sovereignty. Your desires to protect life deserve to be represented at both the state and federal levels. Thank you!
"The problem is that Roe v. Wade federalized the issue that should have been left in state jurisdiction."

Phyllis Schlafly