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Bringing freedom and action together.

We’re proud to deliver advocacy tools that are free, simple, and powerful.

Create Powerful Campaigns.

Mobilize action using our full suite of free grassroots tools.


Make Your Message Heard.

Choose which decision makers to focus on and how you want to reach them.


Grow a Strong Community.

Engage your existing network and reach out to new advocates.


Build Up Your Resources.

Raise funds for your organization or cause.


AlignAct is a grassroots action platform specially engineered to make it possible for pro-freedom Americans to freely and legally make their views known to government and corporate decisionmakers without cost or complexity.

AlignAct delivers a wide (and growing) range of advocacy tools. With AlignAct, users can create powerful grassroots initiatives, share them with their friends and networks, and mobilize action. And to make it possible for everyone to make themselves heard, all of this is available for free.

  • AlignAct is designed for fast, free, simple, and secure action.

  • AlignAct enables users to custom-build grassroots campaigns.

  • AlignAct provides email, petitions, social media, and phone call tools.

  • AlignAct includes a donation tool so organizations and causes can raise funds.

  • AlignAct campaigns can be easily distributed and shared for viral reach.

  • AlignAct provides easy access to customer service.

Finally, AlignAct never picks sides on any issue. Instead, we are proud to facilitate a welcoming place where advocates and organizations can freely express themselves within the law.

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