What is AlignAct?

AlignAct is a grassroots advocacy platform on a mission to empower everyone who cares about an issue of national, regional, or local importance to freely and legally make their views known to government officials, corporate decision makers, academic leaders, and cultural institutions without cost or complexity.

What does “grassroots” mean?

For over a century, the word “grassroots” has been used to describe movements led by people at the local level to affect change at the local, regional, national, and even international levels. This is the opposite of top-down decision making – it’s a bottom-up dynamic that promotes the power of the people, strengthens America’s participatory republic, and empowers us all to take action.

Why did you create AlignAct?

We fundamentally believe in freedom of speech and assembly. But we also recognize many people don’t have or can’t afford the tools to engage in effective grassroots action. So that’s why we created AlignAct – to help solve that problem with free tools that bridge the gap separating the people from the government, corporate, academic, and cultural institutions whose actions impact them.

What brought you here?

Our Founders made it clear that an engaged citizenry is a necessary imperative to sustaining our divinely inspired Republic. Similarly, we believe our Republic works best when issues and ideas are put out in the open for all to see and explore. Simply put, we don’t believe how much money you have or how connected you are should determine how big of a voice you have in our country—so we decided to do something about it.

Do I have to pay to use AlignAct’s advocacy tools?

Absolutely not – our advocacy tools are free to use! Down the road, we may add some enhanced features that may require a fee, but you won’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

Who should use AlignAct?

Anyone who cares about an issue and wants to share their views with government officials, cultural or academic institutions, or corporate decision makers. You may be a family wanting a safer community, a student seeking better schools, or a consumer desiring less politicized corporations. Whoever you are, if you have a concern or cause, AlignAct is here to help you do something about it.

Does AlignAct regulate the content of anyone’s message?

We exist to facilitate a free, healthy, and legal dialogue between ‘We the People’ and the government, corporate, academic, and cultural institutions that have forgotten who they really work for—you! That said, we reserve the right to remove any content that violates our community standards (see our terms below).

Why do I have to give my name and address before contacting government officials?

In order to demonstrate the overwhelming majority of Americans who feel passionately about a given issue, it is important to be able to show that the feedback is coming from real people. Additionally, in an effort to focus on their constituents, policymakers only want to hear from the people they actually represent. As a result, they won’t receive or consider your message unless they’ve been able to confirm they represent you. That’s why they require you to provide your name and address. Fortunately, this process doesn’t have to be hard, and AlignAct makes it as simple as possible.