BREAKING NOW: Hostile Takeover Of The Ohio GOP

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Take 60 seconds to help stop a RINO coup in the Ohio Republican Party! CLICK TAKE ACTION ABOVE TO HELP!

The Ohio swamp is full of turncoat Republican In Name Only politicians right now! Just this week a group of RINOs executed a coup on the Republican-led House of Representatives to install a FAKE REPUBLICAN, career politician as the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives.

NOW! Those same swamp dwellers are attempting a coup to install their "chosen" ally as the head of the Ohio Republican Party.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Help prevent this hostile takeover of the Ohio GOP by clicking the TAKE ACTION button above and RESPECTFULLY telling the members of the Ohio State Republican Central Committee to do the following:

1) Censure every RINO legislator that supported the coup at the OH House of Representatives -AND- withhold all Party resources from them for 4 years

2) Vote for the only proven conservative candidate for Ohio GOP Chair—Bryan Williams.

You can do this in 60 seconds with just a couple of clicks. Click TAKE ACTION NOW.