Abolish the Department of Education

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The Department of Education spends tens of billions of dollars annually with no measurable benefit; it should be abolished. Unelected bureaucrats have pushed dubious curricula, such as bilingual education, multicultural education, racist critical race theory, fake histories such as the 1619 Project, transgender education without parent approval, and hundreds of education programs that have shown no results for increasing student competence in reading, math, science, and language arts. The Department is completely opposed to "parental choice" and continues to support the indoctrination of our children. Bottomline is that the Department of Education exists to support the government school monopoly irrespective of results. Thus, there is no accountability. There are no consequences for failure, except perhaps requests for even greater funding next year. We must abolish the Department of Education.
"To suppose that schools will he better managed by “any authority of the government, than by the parents within each ward…is a belief against all experience. "

Thomas Jefferson

Parents Before Bureaucrats