ACTION ALERT! Ban Vaxx Mandates In AZ!

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While marxist states like California pass increasingly aggressive COVID mandates, FREE STATES like Arizona are working to make sure that this kind of pandemic tyranny can never happen again!

Defend freedom by sending a message to Arizona governments that you will NOT stand for their medical tyranny!

Government does not have the right to force you to take a vaccine or wear a mask. Period.

Join tens of thousands of Arizonans that have already said "HELL NO!" to anything less than a full return to normal and the assurance that it can never happen again.

HB2498 will end government COVID vaccine requirements in Arizona once and for all!

The bill has already passed out of the House and just needs one final vote in the Senate!

Click the TAKE ACTION button above to send an email to EVERY Arizona Republican Senator + Governor Ducey in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS!
"The tyrannical response to COVID and the broad overreach of government will go down in history as a grave moral failure. We must not allow this injustice to persist any longer."

Representative Jake Hoffman

Arizona House of Representatives