Albany, NY: Protect Your Water!

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Fluoride causes brain damage when ingested, and Albany officials are deciding whether or not to add it to the water that you and your family use every day.

When you inform local officials of the risks associated with fluoridation, you take a stand for everyone around you.

Health-related problems with fluoridation include:
● Lower IQ
● Questionable benefits to oral health
● Endocrine disruption
● Kidney damage
● Bone fractures

It is unethical to add fluoride to drinking water, knowing the health risks.

Fluoride, when used to prevent cavities, is a drug. Most drugs have the potential to cause harmful side effects, and fluoride is no different. Many people unknowingly ingest this drug without consent when fluoride — an industrial byproduct — is added to the municipal water supply.

Those who wish to use fluoride may choose to do so with products like toothpaste and mouthwash. But, people who do not want to consume fluoride may find it nearly impossible to avoid once it’s in their water.

Support health and informed consent by taking action now.