ARIZONA! Support SB1211 - Transparency in the Classroom

SB1211 is being heard at the House Education Committee on Tuesday. BEST is excited to support this important bill to bring transparency to the classroom. Parents have a right to know what their children are learning in their schools.

SB1211 also provides benefits to teachers as they will now be able to access what materials are successfully being utilized by their colleagues to help their students. Many teachers already put materials online for their students. SB1211 standardizes this process to make it easier to teachers, parents, and students. With materials listed online, students will never miss a beat and will be able stay caught up with what's happening in their class.


Parents need your support. The radical left and unions are working overtime to kill this bill. This is the most important bill to bring accountability to stop CRT, radical left political propaganda, and other inappropriate materials in the classroom.

Email and call the House Education Committee Members in support of SB1211 by taking action now!