Biden must cease all mask & vax mandates!

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There is no emergency, and all Covid mandates must end immediately.

As of right now, airplanes, trains, and buses still require masks for passengers and employees based on an edict from the White House. There are also still vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and federal contractors.

There is no freedom if people are forced to be injected with an experimental product/undergo a medical procedure in order to participate in society.

There is no freedom if every movement is tracked by the government, where there is no privacy or ability to dissent.

Politicians who advocate for masks are regularly seen at parties, sporting events, awards shows, etc. without masks. But they continue to force us to wear masks to travel in America.

It is acknowledged, even by the CDC, that vaccinated individuals still catch and spread Covid, thereby making mandates meaningless. Under the mandates, a vaccinated person who is sick would be allowed to participate in society and have a job, while a healthy unvaccinated person would be shut out.

This shows us that it is not about containing a virus or protecting people's health. It is about control, pure and simple, and we the people vehemently oppose this attempt to impose tyranny.

Help us put pressure on the White House to end all Covid mandates NOW!