Block Biden’s Energy Rationing

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Coal provides power for one-fifth of America’s household energy needs — heating water, providing light, and warming their homes in the winter.

Those basic needs will become a lot more expensive if the Biden administration is allowed to impose new EPA rules designed to put American energy out of business.

The rules – unapproved by Congress – propose ludicrous new emissions standards on energy producers. The Biden administration knows traditional power plants could never be expected to meet the mandates. Instead, they expect 422 coal-fired power plants to be taken offline, along with any other plants that don’t meet the government’s emission mandates.

Biden’s cronies admit this plan will drive up prices for American households. But they’re forging ahead because their left-wing energy agenda demands America must be “carbon neutral” by 2035.

Congress must step in to protect Americans from skyrocketing energy bills and this unnecessary rationing of energy. Congress can stop the Biden administration’s attack on American energy security with a resolution under the Congressional Review Act.

Contact your Members of Congress and tell him or her: STOP the Biden administration’s attack on American energy!