Block Biden's Illegal Student Loan Bailout

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There is no such thing as loan 'forgiveness.' There is only loan transferral.

First, Biden's illegal and unfunded decision to eliminate student loan debt for some borrowers bypassed Congress - the appropriate branch of government where this policy should have been negotiated.

Second, it will transfer hundreds of billions of dollars in debt (possibly over a trillion dollars) from those who knowingly borrowed the money and agreed to pay it back to people who did not take out this debt.

Americans who didn't go to college, or who joined the military to pay for college, or who already paid their student loans off, or who worked their way through college and paid as they went... all of these Americans, thanks to Joe Biden, will now be responsible for paying the debts that others willingly borrowed.

Additionally, Biden is also going to give student loan help to people who work for the federal government. Again, giving benefits and preferences to government employees that are paid for by the rest of us.

This brazen act of authoritarianism violates our republican form of government, and is deeply, supremely unjust. It pays the debts of likely Democrat voters at the expense of everyone else. A lawyer who graduated from Harvard making $100,000 a year - and whose earning potential will continue to grow - will have his or her student loans paid for by waiters, truck drivers, soldiers, and small business owners.

The Biden administration also has no idea how much this will cost taxpayers. They didn't even bother to actually analyze the cost. Economists are now saying this could cost us over one trillion dollars - at a time when inflation is out of control, and most of us are shocked every time we go grocery shopping.

Tell Congress to block Biden's illegal, unjust, and unfunded student loan bailout!