Border Security NOW!

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Several Senate Democrats have publicly come out against the Biden administration's determination to end Title 42 - but only with their words - not actions.

Title 42 is the public health authority that allows the government to deport unauthorized border-crossers at the point of entry and block them from seeking asylum for public health reasons.

DHS officials say they’re preparing for the number of migrants crossing the southern border to rise from 8,000 encounters per day to an expected 18,000 per day. That would be 6.5 million encounters per year.

There was an opportunity to act on their words of opposition by voting with Republican senators to block the Biden Administration from ending Title 42. Instead, they voted against that.

Use this campaign to tell those Democrats to act on their words of opposition. They are trying to play it both ways. They want voters to think they oppose Biden because they are up for re-election, or they represent a border state, etc. But they don't want to anger the far left that really runs their party.

The time for talk is over. Words are not enough to protect our border. We need action.