Cares Act Murders

logo Amy Peck
The Government Cares Act was designed to reward hospitals with paid incentives to increase the covid-19 numbers and deaths. Medicare is paying the hospitals 20% per the Cares Act , $13,000 per covid patients, $39,000 for each covid patient put on a ventilator. This is on top of what Medicare already pays. This is what they say our lives are worth.

Murders are happening everyday. We have to take a stand together to stop this. I know I am not the only one that had their hands tied by the hospital and federal government. Watching, fighting and not being able to stop what was happening. Hospitals are treating patients with Remdesivir knowing it kills. Remdesivir is a therapeutic add on. This is implemented in the Cares Act. This treatment add on was designed to compensate hospitals for giving the vaccine to everyone for free. The add on encourages the hospital to push Remdesivir for infected and previously infected patients. Which is why we have covid-pneumonia, and any illness with a covid precursor. They give Remdesivir against what the patients wants. There is no treatment for pneumonia given. The healthcare has became all about money not caring that they are murdering people.

My parents both went to the ER with pneumonia. Both refused Remdesivir. The ER sent my mom home with no breathing treatment, nothing. They kept my dad. During his 10 days they were giving him Remdesivir against his will. We were telling them Not to give it to him, my dad kept telling them not to give it to him. When they finally listened they had given him 9 out of 10 dose. He developed a hole in his lung. One minute they were going to fix, the next they were not. They never fixed it, even with my dad and myself telling them over and over to fix it. They did nothing for his pneumonia, no breathing treatment, no getting him up, nothing. No nutrition, no pain meds, no help. The nurses yelled at him, compared him to the other patients, and said they are sicker than him. They bullied and refused to help him. This whole time we were trying to get him transferred or even just take him home. Was told over and over no hospitals had openings. They would not authorized home health care to get him home. Everyday they tried very hard to vent him. His last day a Dr and nurse walked in at 730am, and said it is time to remove your oxygen and start giving your morphine. If I hadn't been there to stop them, they would have killed him right then. They would not give him anything for his horrific pain due to his lung leaking and They would Not fix it. My dad was alert, talking, and was even doing a little teasing, up until they got their wish. He was in such pain. They started morphine and he was gone in less than 30 mins.

This was was the worst experience and inhumane way for my dad to be treated. By people that are supposed to be saving lives, not taking lives. I know we are not the only ones that want to stop these murders. How are they any different than the murderers in the prisons? Only difference is, they are getting a lot of money to kill our loved ones.

In Honor of my Dad and all those that have lost their lives, let's stand together and Stop the Murders.
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