Clean the Voter Rolls!

Clean Voter Rolls PAC
Oregon voter rolls need to be accurate for Oregonians to trust their election. We need a secure system in the conduct of our election. We want a 3rd party Forensic Audit of the 2020 election.

Oregon laws allow voters to only attest to who they are or where they live. Though the voter application asks for ID, no ID is required. They will still be registered if they do not give ID. They can use any location, any marina, street corner as their residence.

Judicial Watch notified the Oregon's Secretary of State, and the counties of Multnomah and Lane, of Oregon's evident violations of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

The 2022 Legislature passed SB1527 which gave authority to only the Secretary of State to oversee all recounts and certify election results.

The 2021 Legislature pass HB2681 that keeps voters on the voter rolls though they never vote. They also pass HB3291 which allows ballots to come in 7 days after the election and still be counted.

Oregon's 2020 Election Director is fired for disclosing security concerns.

Oregon needs clean voter rolls.
Oregon needs a third party forensic audit, not a self audit.

"I received my first election security update of the election from the agency at 7:52pm on election night."

Steve Trout Transition Letter

2020 Oregon Elections Director, Steve Trout