Demand Poway Anti-K-12-Vax-Mandate Resolution Now!

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The time for action is now for the Board of Education of the Poway Unified School District (PUSD), following the example set by many other school districts in California that have already adopted resolutions objecting to Governor Newsom's K-12 vaccine mandates.

It is now well-known that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent a K-12 child from catching the COVID-19 virus, or from spreading it to others. So giving a healthy child a COVID-19 K-12 shot does not protect the child, and does not protect anyone around that child either. Mandating K-12 COVID-19 shots doesn't protect ANYONE.

No healthy children are being harmed or killed by COVID-19, but it is clear from publicly-available data that numerous healthy kids have been harmed or killed by the COVID-19 shots. Perhaps it might make sense for an unhealthy child to be given a COVID-19 shot. But deciding whether each child is unhealthy enough that taking a COVID-19 shot is worth the risk is a decision that should be made by the people who know and love that child the most--specifically, the child's PARENTS!

California's governor and legislature are doing everything they can think of to force, coerce, or trick parents of K-12 children into allowing their children to receive COVID-19 shots that are far more dangerous to most children than COVID-19 itself.

SB 871 has reportedly been introduced to eliminate personal belief exemptions that Governor Newsom promised on October 1, 2021 would remain available. (See SB 871 could circumvent THE ENTIRE CDPH PROCESS, POSSIBLY EVEN CIRCUMVENTING THE REQUIREMENTS FOR FDA APPROVAL. ONLY MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS WOULD BE ALLOWED. WITHOUT FDA APPROVAL, NO LIABILITY FOR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, SCHOOLS OR THE GOVERNMENT.

SB866 would enable kids 12 years or older to decide to get COVID shots against their parents' wishes. (See

Send a message to the PUSD board that inaction is not acceptable. The board MUST act as proper representatives of parents and voters in the Poway Unified School District in sending a message to Governor Newsom that PUSD parents strongly object to his attempt to hijack the rights of parents to make these medical decisions on behalf of their children. We need the PUSD board to immediately place an anti-K-12-vaccine-mandate resolution on the board's agenda so that we can find out how each of the board members will vote on it. Board members who refuse to vote in favor of such a resolution will be derelict in their duty to Poway Unified School District parents and voters, and should be replaced as soon as possible with people who will fulfill those duties.

Please join us and add your voice to those of the many in the Poway Unified School District who feel that the parents of the district's K-12 students have the right to decide whether or not those students will get a COVID-19 shot.
""The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.""

John Stuart Mill

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