Democrats Must Condemn the Threats!

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Many years ago, when the tea party movement started, Democrats called the people who attended orderly, permitted, legal events in public parks, "tea party terrorists."

Now, years later, as left-wing activists harass conservative Supreme Court justices and their children at their homes and at restaurants; as there was an attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh at his home; and as an extremist pro-abortion group in D.C. is literally paying people for confirmed sightings of the conservative justices* - so that they can be harassed or worse - Democrats are silent.

It is way past time for Democrats to speak out against the dangerous behavior of their supporters. Democrats in Congress, Joe Biden, and Attorney General Merrick Garland have the moral and ethical responsibility to tell their supporters to stop the threats, the attempted violence, and the intimidation and harassment of the justices and their children in their private lives.

However, Democrats have said and done nothing, even as a man showed up to Justice Kavanaugh's house with the intention to murder him.

Their silence is deafening. Refusing to denounce the threats and violence against the conservative justices is sick, and no one who refuses to do so should be trusted to hold public office. It shouldn't matter if they agree with the justices or not. There should be no hesitation to condemn these threats and behavior, and condemn them quickly, as often as necessary.

Use this campaign to easily and quickly contact all Democrat Senators and Representatives, and the White House, and tell them to publicly speak out and condemn the threats against the conservative justices!

(Note: There is no way to contact anyone at the Department of Justice outside of using their online contact form, so we unfortunately could not include Merrick Garland in this call to action. However, if you would like to, on your own, go to the DOJ contact form, please do so!)