End the National Emergency Declaration NOW!

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Recently, Joe Biden remarked on 60 Minutes that "the pandemic is over." This is correct. It is over, and therefore, the national emergency declaration must end.

The national emergency declaration has been the legal basis for many Covid-related actions, including the illegal and immoral student loan bailout. Many elected officials love emergency declarations, because they the declarations give them more power. These declarations are easy to abuse and hard to give up.

Sen. Marshall (R-KS) has introduced a privileged resolution in the Senate that would call for an end to the Covid national emergency declaration. Under the National Emergencies Act, Senators can vote to terminate national declarations by presidential administrations.

Tell your Senators to support Sen. Marshall's resolution!

Sen. Marshall's statement about the resolution:
"Since President Biden used his appearance on 60 Minutes to declare COVID is over, he must immediately terminate the COVID-19 national emergency declaration and wind down other emergency authorities that his Administration continues to force us to live under. The American people are fatigued and yearning to operate outside of the confines of supersized government; they long for their God-given freedoms, and for leaders to take their side. In March the U.S. Senate voted for my Resolution to repeal this emergency declaration and delivered a symbolic victory that limited government and our constitutional rights still reign supreme. It’s high time for Joe Biden and his Administration to stop using COVID to implement their partisan political agenda and focus on the surge in crime and the fentanyl epidemic that is wreaking havoc across this nation and killing Americans at record rates.”