Get the US Out Of The UN

logo Karen Bracken
The United Nations has violated its own charter many times and they no longer serve any useful function for the United States or any of the UN member states. The movement to end the United Nations is no longer just a US movement. There are countries around the world that are now organizing to get out of the United Nations. The US has handed over way too much authority to the UN and all of its affiliate organizations and it is time to end our relationship with all of these organizations. H.R. 7806 will not only remove the US from the UN but it will also remove the US from all of the UN affiliate organizations, end our financial support and remove the UN from the building in NYC. The UN has proven to be more about global control of all human activity and redistribution of wealth than keeping peace, ending poverty etc. is a US group focused on getting H.R. 7806 (American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2022) passed into law.