Get US Senators to Co-Sponsor Vaccine Injury Comp Bill

Americans for Government Accountability
Help those who stepped up to do their part when the government asked them and are now injured by their Covid vaccination and need help from the government themselves. There are compensation programs designed to help support those with life-altering vaccine injuries. These programs are called the CICP and VICP funds. However, due to the EUA, the Covid vaccine injured are not included on these same funds which have all other vaccines.

The injured need your help! They have been suffering for over a year without any support from the government. There is a bill being drafted in the Senate that requires a (D)Representative co-sponsor BY MARCH 7th or else it will not go to the floor for a vote, leaving those suffering these injuries on their own for even longer.

Make a difference in the life of someone who is suffering today! Please support this effort - thank you!