Grid Down, Power Up Legislator Reach Out

Paul Revere Films, LLC
We have produced a documentary warning America about the threat of a ‘Grid Down’ scenario where any one of numerous threats (including cyberattack, solar weather, and nuclear electromagnetic pulse – EMP) takes out the nation’s electricity. The number of lives at risk in this kind of disaster is 75% of our population – nearly 250,000,000 people. This is not an exaggeration as several government-sponsored studies have confirmed this frightening risk.

The good news is that this is a FIXABLE problem. There are technological solutions and competent private sector companies ready to do the work and the recent $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill can provide the funds to do it. What is lacking is the political will from our elected officials who have been told for years by the electric utility lobbyists that “there’s nothing to see here.”

You may have already seen or soon will see just how vulnerable we are by watching 'Grid Down, Power Up' and then join the MOVEMENT to protect our nation from this grave threat. Thankfully, this bi-partisan issue is one that EVERYONE can get behind.

Please make time to watch the film’s trailer at and take 3 minutes to send your elected officials emails and social media messages using the “take action” button below.

YOU can begin the process of “powering up” this nation to preserve our society and our freedom for this generation and the next!

What differentiates this documentary is that we have a follow-on campaign to facilitate success in fixing this grave problem. With this campaign, we're providing pre-written letters to key lawmakers demanding them to take specific actions and we're soon providing a tool to reach out to electric utility executives.

Additionally, from our film proceeds, we will contribute 25% of our proceeds to fund several 501©(3) organizations to execute action plans working with legislators & agencies to help ensure we're successful in protecting our power grid. These organizations have experienced on-the-ground experts and activists fighting for this mission and they'll ensure follow-up with our elected officials and the American public. Also note that these organizations are NOT funded by the corporations that can profit from protecting the grid, but rather only through charitable donations like the kinds made possible by our film.

"IT'S NOT A MATTER of "IF", IT'S A MATTER of "WHEN"..... when speaking about the potential for the grid going down."

Ted Koppel

Former Anchor, Nightline, ABC News