Tell Disney: Honor Walt and Dump Woke - or We’ll Dump You!

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Walt Disney deeply believed “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” He was right – but the “woke” radicals who now run his company apparently disagree. They’re focused on our children’s bodies instead!

The Disney parks greeting has been changed – today, it scolds visitors to stand in solidarity with “LGBTQIA+”. The company also opposes a new Florida law that protects young children from being exposed to graphic sexual materials. And a Disney executive says 50% of all characters in Disney shows will not be heterosexual.

What would Walt say?!

We think Mr. Disney would be as concerned about what’s happening as we are. And we think he would say it’s time for concerned Americans to take a stand for the health and safety of our children!

Please join millions of mature Americans to Honor Walt by telling the “woke” radicals running his company to stop the sexual identity exploitation and “character indoctrination” of our children and grandchildren. And let them know that if they don’t, we’ll stop spending our money on Disney parks, merchandise, programming, and more.

Together, we can protect America’s children and grandchildren – please click the Take Action Now button and take just 60 seconds to make your voice heard!

Thank you!
"My business is making people, especially children, happy."

Walt Disney