Inflation is killing us!

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We are updating this campaign to reflect the tyrannical action of the corrupt and politicized FBI on Monday, August 8 when they raided the home of President Trump, Biden's likely opponent in the 2024 election.

The bill that we are fighting is terrible in every way. However, as part of the left's abuse of power that we now see in nearly every federal agency, the bill will increase the size of the IRS by adding 87,000 new agents.

These agents will have the power to destroy the lives and businesses of anyone who disagrees with this Regime. This bill must be stopped. Use this campaign immediately to contact your Representative.

Original Text:
The Senate has passed the deceptively named, "Inflation Reduction Act," with zero Republican votes. They used parliamentary tricks, like they always do when they don't have enough votes, to pass this with only Democrat votes.

It now will go to the House. This bill is so bad, Obamacare pales in comparison. The bill number is HR 5376.

According to the Galen Institute, this bill:
- Fuel inflation and increase taxes during a recession
- Add $728 billion in federal spending—about a billion a page for the bill
- Beef up the IRS with tens of thousands of new agents going after American taxpayers
- Decimate research into new drugs, with 135 fewer new medicines over the life cycle of drug development
- Hit cancer patients hardest by drying up investment into new treatments and cures
- Lead to government rationing of medicines
- Result in a loss of 500,000 high-paying jobs in the pharmaceutical industry
- Spend more than $360 billion on green-energy pork
- Lead to higher utility costs for Americans
- Slam Americans with more than $300 billion in new taxes, with two-thirds of the burden over the next decade falling on middle-income taxpayers, including small businesses
- Extend higher Obamacare subsidies, mostly benefitting wealthier families
- Lead many workers to lose their higher-quality employer insurance
- Increase health spending because new treatments and cures for future patients won’t be created

And, according to The Foundation for Government Accountability, the bill will hurt Americans by:
- Increasing hundreds of billions of dollars in reckless new spending, including:
*$385 billion toward “green” energy subsidies and credits
*$65 billion to expand wasteful ObamaCare subsidies (read our new paper that explains why these subsidies must expire on time)
*$35 billion for an expansion of Medicare

- Increasing energy taxes on the American people in the name of curbing “climate change,” including:
*Increasing royalties for both offshore and onshore drilling activities
*Imposing billions of dollars of taxes on crude oil
*Implementing new taxes that would hike consumers’ natural gas bills
*Doubling taxes on coal
*Subjecting energy companies to some of the highest taxes of any businesses in the nation

- The result of this new spending and these tax increases? Tax increases on every single income category:
*Those earning less than $10,000 per year will face a higher tax hike than millionaires.
*Those earning less than $200,000 per year would have to pay for a $16.5 billion tax hike.
*By the end of 2030, half of the new taxes raised by the plan would come from families earning less than $200,000.
*Corporations would face a minimum 15 percent corporate tax rate, which will be passed along to Americans in the form of higher prices.
*The Inflation Reduction Act would increase taxes and tax collections by roughly $470 billion.

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