Let Parents Decide - Oppose SB871!

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Please help us say NO to SB 871

SB 871 would require that all children who will be attending in-person day care, childcare, public or private school must be fully immunized against Covid-19. In addition, this bill would remove the Personal Belief Exemption from all immunization requirements issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as well as any additional ones it may issue in the future, and SB 871 would also remove the 7th grade exemption for Hepatitis B.

Los Angeles Educators and Parents United believe in the freedom of the individual to choose the medical treatment that's best for them. We believe you have the right to know your treatment options and to take part in decisions about your care. No one has the right to decide for you!

That's why we say NO to SB 871 and ask you to click the Take Action Now button to be heard too - thank you!