Recently, the Corporation Commission went overboard in trying to bring decorum to their meetings by adding a rule that suppresses people signing up for public comment at the meeting.

This is a hostile rule against grassroots participation and will backfire by silencing Conservative voices as we don't have professional activists like the left or the professional lobbying class that can schedule participation ahead of time.

The new rule will give 3 min of public comment time to people that sign up for public comment before 10 am on the day of the public meeting.

But if the Commission pulls common political class stunts like amending an agenda at the last minute so people don't have sufficient notice to participate and sign up early, those people will only get 1 minute to speak or the Commission could refuse to hear their testimony.

In practice, this will result in the political class and Marxists getting 3x as much public comment time as Conservatives.

While the left is constantly driving a Marxist takeover of our energy grid, our voices are needed now more than ever.

Most other levels of government allow full participation of public comment throughout the meeting.

This new rule blurs the lines of liberty, can easily be abused by bad actors in government, and sets a terrible precedent that must be reversed!

Commissioner Nick Myers explains why he crafted the new rules in a video:

To be clear, while Nick says this new rule is to help with scheduling, it doesn't accomplish this mission, as the Commissioners can ask additional questions of speakers and change the agenda order at their pleasure.

The rule also unnecessarily restricts them as there may be speakers from the public that have more pertinent information that's necessary to give them a longer time to speak, whereas in some cases, it makes sense to give all speakers less than 3 minutes to speak depending on the agenda.

This rule is going to set up the management of the meetings to fail in their stated mission to predict an accurate schedule and make a hostile relationship between the Commission and the public.

On Twitter, Commissioner Nick made his position loud and clear in telling the grassroots to "go pound sand."

It's sad to see how quickly some people that get elected by the grassroots turn on us.
"This is how we want to run our meetings. We tell you how the meetings are going to work. It's really not that big of a deal."

Nick Myers

Arizona Corporation Commissioner