Only U.S. Citizens Should Vote in U.S. Elections

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You might think that it's illegal for people who are not U.S. citizens to vote in our elections, and you'd be right.

But you'd be wrong in thinking that those who want to corrupt and subvert our elections haven't been able to poke so many holes in the law that there are plenty of opportunities for noncitizens (whether illegal or legal immigrants) to vote in our elections.

The stark reality is that the 2024 election could be swayed by illegal votes cast by people who are not U.S. citizens. This is an immense violation of the rights and privileges granted to us by our status as citizens, and it is a grave problem that must be solved.

Whether a U.S. citizen is a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a member of the Green Party, an Independent - whatever ideologies and policies a citizen supports - every citizen's votes are diluted by illegal votes cast by noncitizens.

This affects us all, and it should not be a partisan issue. Every American should be outraged and stand together to stop noncitizens from corrupting our elections.

For all of the details about why it is true that noncitizens are able to vote and how to stop it, read through the document put together by our friends at Election Integrity Network (, linked below. You'll notice that there are suggestions for actions the federal government needs to take, actions the states can take, and actions you can take at the local and state level.

This campaign, for now, will direct emails and calls to federal and state officials. However, please read the document below to find out what you need to do locally.