Pass HB-1663 to Restore Patient Privacy in New Hampshire!

logo Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
New Hampshire voters: Your support for House Bill 1663 (HB-1663) is crucial in securing the strongest patient privacy law in the country!

HB-1663 has bipartisan support. If passed, HB-1663 would:

1. Empower individuals to regain control over their health information and determine how it is utilized
2. Establish clear guidelines for informed consent and provide a private right of action for patients, creating essential guardrails to protect the privacy of medical data
3. Recognize that medical information belongs to the patient, positioning health care practitioners as mere stewards of this vital data

Passing this bill will not only strengthen the State's commitment to patient privacy but also align with New Hampshire’s constitutional safeguards already in place.

New Hampshire legislators have a unique opportunity to reaffirm their dedication to individual rights and autonomy in health care. By telling your state representatives to PASS HB-1663, you are helping to place patients back in the "driver's seat," making informed decisions about their health and medical information.

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) and State Representative Erica Layon (Rock. 13) are working tirelessly to keep New Hampshire free and to safeguard your right to control your own care choices.

Please stand with us in advocating for HB-1663 – Help us ensure that the Granite State remains a champion for patient privacy!


Tell your state representative to PASS HB-1663.