Peace Through Strength Needed to Stop Nuclear War

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For the first time in decades, there seems to be a real danger of nuclear war. Vladimir Putin’s Russia has invaded Ukraine, prompting this country, Europe and other nations to retaliate with devastating economic sanctions on the Russian regime, its economy, supporters and people.

Putin has, in turn, responded by announcing an elevation in the alert status of his nuclear forces. There is reason to believe that, due to decisions taken by the Biden administration and a number of its predecessors to drastically reduce our nuclear capabilities and readiness, the Russian dictator may calculate that he could actually get away with using nuclear weapons against Ukraine, or perhaps against one or more members of the NATO alliance.

We must take steps now to restore and strengthen deterrence to any such
Russian aggression.

TAKE ACTION now! Join us in emailing President Biden and YOUR members of Congress to ask them to counter Russia’s nuclear war footing with “peace through strength.” We make it easy with our advocacy tool that will help you send an email in two short minutes.

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"We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression."

Ronald Reagan

40th President of the United States