Repeal or Amend - International Pandemic Prevention Act 2022

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Congress has passed an Act that pre-approves in advance any agreements coming from the World Health Organization, effectively subverting the Treaty process requiring the review and concurrence of two thirds of the United States Senate.

It has just come to light that within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which passed in Congress in December, is another act that appears to have pre-approved whatever instruments are approved by the WHO. This “Act within an Act” is named the “Global Health Security and International Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Act of 2022.” It is found on page 950 of the 1772-page NDAA with a short form title, which Biden signed into law on December 23, 2022. The pre-approval provision needs to be expunged. It can be found at Section 5560(2)(C)(vi)

“The pre-approval provision in the ‘International Pandemic Preparedness Act of 2022 cannot be constitutional,’” said Reggie Littlejohn, attorney and co-chair of the Stop Vax Passports Taskforce, referring to the short form title for the act. “I doubt that most Congressional representatives are even aware that this pernicious provision – which completely circumvents Senate approval required by our treaty process – is hidden deep within the NDAA. According to human rights lawyer and professor of international law, Dr. Francis Boyle, Congress – likely unwittingly – has already given the WHO a green light for whatever instruments they pass, regardless of whether these international instruments impinge on our national sovereignty or personal freedom. American voters need to know that the ‘International Pandemic Preparedness Act of 2022’ gives carte blanche to the WHO to decide if they should be empowered unilaterally to impose all matter of public health emergency mandates on America and other nations and be able to enforce those mandates through vast monitoring and compliance policies written into the documents. This is a global scheme to steal sovereignty from nation states, track citizens with digital IDs, restrict movement, censor free speech, and ultimately, destroy Western Civilization.”

Take action using this tool to inform your Member of Congress and ask them to repeal or amend the “International Pandemic Preparedness Act of 2022” to ensure Congressional oversight, review, and approval of any new WHO “instruments” that are in reality treaties, and/or amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005).

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Link to the National Defense Authorization Act with information on the “International Pandemic Preparedness Act of 2022” beginning on page 950: