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The Government Spy Act: Allowing the government full access to every part of your life.


- Privacy is a luxury of the past, as this Act threatens our civil liberties and First Amendment rights.

- This Act is full of vague language, and lacks oversight for new executive branch power.

- The government will no longer be FOR the people and BY the people.



This Act gives the government access to anything connected to the internet. Without informing you, the federal government can monitor any activity from these devices whenever they want for as long as they wish.

This includes Ring Doorbell, Home Security systems, smart thermostats, video games, and more.

Within the 55 pages of the RESTIRCT Act, TikTok is not mentioned ONCE.

Congressional members are using the idea of banning TikTok as a trojan horse to secure their agenda.

Our representatives claim this bill is geared towards controlling large corporations that threaten US national security, but that is different from the language in the bill. Within this act, there is no specific provision that protects individual users.

The vague language leaves room for broad interpretation. Foreign Adversaries do not have a set definition and can be changed at any time to include anyone those in power see fit.

There is ZERO Oversight for this President Appointed Committee.

The president will appoint a committee to make new rules and enforce them on the public. A better name for this committee would be the Control Committee. The citizens do not vote on the Control Committee members who can have closed-door meetings and spy on you in your home.


The Crime of a VPN!

Per this act, an individual could face criminal charges for using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access any content the Control Committee bans. The penalties are up to 20 years in prison and up to $1,000,000 in fines.

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"The RESTRICT Act is the Patriot Act injected with enough steroids that it can squash all the rights you have as an American citizen between two of its fingers."

Rep. Lauren Boebert

U.S. House of Representatives