Save America! Demand Change at the RNC

logo Scott Presler
After losing Arizona and Georgia the grassroots will not sit idly by as the national Republican Party continues to drive in the wrong direction. We need sharp minds running legal and grassroots organizing muscle that will win on the ground. We need leaders who won’t sit by and let congressional leadership squander what should have been the easiest election of our lifetime.

In every poll conducted, Ronna Romney McDaniel has less than 2% support from the conservatives and party loyal.

In less than 60 seconds, TAKE ACTION ABOVE to tell your state’s three voting RNC members that if you vote for Ronna, you are not listening to the Party. If we keep the same failed leadership in charge, it is going to cost us the election in 2024 and maybe the country for a generation.
"Republicans are tired of losing. We need to radically reshape our leadership to win."

Harmeet Dhillon

Candidate for RNC Chairwoman