Save Babies and Children from the COVID Jab

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The FDA and CDC approved Covid-19 injections for babies and children as young as 6-months old, under an Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA and CDC did this despite the fact that healthy infants and children of this age are at virtually no risk of hospitalization or death from Covid. Meanwhile, no data exists regarding how the injections might affect long-term immune function, fertility, or possible cardiac issues, such as myocarditis. No data exists regarding whether injecting a Covid-recovered child could compromise that child’s natural immunity, or worse, cause potentially deadly antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE.

What is the point of this irrational push to inject babies? Is it part of a larger plan to get Covid injections on the childhood vaccination schedule, in order to shield vaccine manufacturers from liability for injury and death, for any age group? Or, is it a pretext to issue vaccine passports/smart health cards/digital health IDs to babies and young children, so that they may be tracked and surveilled from infancy? Vaccine passports may be used as tools of mass surveillance and totalitarian control, similar to China’s Social Credit System.

We must stop these jabs from being mandated by states and from being included on the childhood vaccination schedule!

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