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Baby August is being denied a heart transplant at Vanderbilt unless his parents vaccinate him. They’ve refused on both religious and medical grounds. We’ve been advocating for baby August’s Mom and here’s what we were told by baby August’s Mom: Dr. David Bearl is the one who demanded that they vaccinate baby August or else he wouldn’t receive the heart transplant he desperately needs. His heart is failing and his life CANNOT be lost because of the agenda clearly at play here.

Parental rights matter. August’s parents have every right to do what they feel is best for their child. What happened to "Do no harm"? Isn’t that the first guiding principle of medical care? Not giving August a heart transplant is sentencing him to death. We can’t let that happen, not here in Tennessee and not anywhere else.

Coercion has no place in medicine! Baby August needs your voice now. Aside from this doctor denying him the compassionate, life-saving care he deserves, August’s Mom wanted it to be clear that they have no issue with anyone else in the Vanderbilt cardiology team. She also said that Dr. Bearl specifically used the phrase "I am mandating" when he made the demand for baby August to be vaccinated. Think about that. This man who isn’t the parent is MANDATING them to do something they’re both religiously and medically opposed to while using their child’s life to coerce them into it. This medical tyranny needs to end NOW! We all must demand that Vanderbilt immediately puts August on the transplant list with no further delay!