Save Freedom In America

CloutHub, Inc.

Our freedoms are under attack – and if we don’t act now, they will be lost forever.

The Biden Administration's Department of Homeland Security has created a governing board to control disinformation. This is a modern-day Minister of Truth to censor content they don’t agree with. .

In California, there is a law being considered (SB1390) that would prevent Californians from criticizing the government or questioning election fraud, or the medical agencies such as the CDC or FDA.
Help us defend Freedom!

Government should not be deciding what we the citizens of America are allowed to talk about, or decide what is the truth.

We must draw a line and stop these attacks on Free speech and our liberties.

Contact your legislators and urge them to shut down DHS's Governing Board on Disinformation. Urge them to protect free your speech as well as all our freedoms which are under attack.

Freedom of speech
Freedom of religion
Freedom to make our own medical choices
Freedom to run our businesses
Freedom to have a job
Freedom to defend ourselves
Freedom to have fair elections

Together we can defend our Freedom here in America and the rest of the world.

Help take back our freedoms, and our beloved country. Please send our campaign email to your federal and state legislators.

Thank you for your support. Please be sure to share this campaign with at least two friends so we can save freedom in America.
"Our Liberties And Freedoms Are Under Attack & We Are Running Out of Time To Defend Them... "

Jeff Brain, Founder of CloutHub