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Quietly, behind the scenes, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Biden administration are working together to strip away our national sovereignty. Their goal is to replace the American constitution (and other nations' governing documents) with the WHO's constitution.

During the week of May 22 - 28, 2022, delegates from each nation will meet at the World Health Assembly to vote on amendments offered by the Biden administration. These amendments would make significant and unprecedented changes the 2005 "International Health Regulations" (IHRs). These regulations are supposedly legally binding for all 196 nations in the world. (This will be a matter for later discussion. For now, we want to stop them, before they pass.)

The Biden administration's proposed amendments fall under one of the two following main themes. They either -

1. Give the WHO - specifically Director-General Tedros, who is in China's pocket - extra powers, or
2. Remove safeguards that protect a nation's right to make their own decisions.

Example: one amendment gives WHO Director-General Tedros the power to decide, on his own, whether or not a country has a "public health emergency." This determination will be made by him, not by the elected representatives of the people of that country.

The amendment even proposes that if the "public health emergency" criteria is not actually be met, Tedros still has the power to declare an emergency in that nation. Additionally, the WHO will not need permission from the nation itself to "act," where "act" could mean forced lockdowns, mask and vax mandates, etc. imposed on a country by the WHO.

These regulations go hand in hand with the WHO's Global Pandemic Treaty that is also being negotiated. The treaty, however, is not what is being voted on at the next meeting, May 22 - 28.

While the treaty is extremely troubling as well, due to the urgent nature of rejecting these amendments to the IHRs, this campaign focuses on the IHR amendments that are up for a vote at the upcoming meeting.

This is an emergency. Please take action today, share this campaign on social media, and send it to your friends and family. It's easier to keep your freedom than it is to get it back once it's gone.

We must Save Our Sovereignty!

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