Senators Must Oppose Cultural Marxism in the Military

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The U.S. Senate has been given an opportunity to scrutinize carefully – and weed out – military officers President Biden proposes to promote, evidently because of their commitment to his cultural Marxist transformation of the armed forces rather than their records as warriors.

The man responsible for preventing the Senate from simply rubber-stamping such officers’ promotions is Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville. He was initially moved to place “holds” on the approval of flag and general officer promotions out of concern over illegal Defense Department policies on federal funding of abortion-related expenses. But, it turns out that many of those whose nominations have been delayed as a result of the Senator’s holds have problematic records with respect to cultural Marxist policies calculated to divide and conquer the U.S. military like: critical race theory indoctrination; diversity, equity, and inclusion quotas, instead of merit-based promotions; the LGBTQ+ agenda; transgender accommodations; abortion accommodations; and “climate change” as the greatest threat we face.

Over three dozen respected national security and other thought leaders have written Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues urging them to deny promotions to specifically six officers who are among the worst of those President Biden wants to have lead our military. We call them “the Dirty Half-Dozen.” (See brief descriptions of their enthusiasm for the Marxist make-over of our armed forces here.)

Some Republican Senators are not only determined to avoid the sort of careful scrutiny – and the ability to single out and vote down these and similarly problematic officers – Sen. Tuberville has made possible. They are prepared to vote for a change in the Senate’s rules that would break “Coach” Tuberville’s hold, but in the process create a precedent that would diminish the minority’s rights to deliberate on bundled military promotions and, for that matter, groups of executive branch appointees, judges and even legislation.

Take two minutes to urge your Senators to stand with Senator Tuberville in opposing the promotion of officers who support cultural Marxist policies, and thus send a signal that you want a restoration of the U.S. military’s traditions and values, not its fundamental transformation and inevitable destruction. And tell them you believe they should preserve the right and ability to do their job in “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” not agree to changes to the rules that will imperil them.

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