Stand with Israel!

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UPDATE for 11/1/23 - 11/2/23
When you call your Representative, please urge him/her to stand with Israel and vote FOR the stand alone House bill that includes $14B for Israel.

This bill is “stand alone,” which means it does not add funding for other items. It separates funding for Israel from Ukraine. The $14B will be offset (paid for by) rescinding the funds for new IRS agents.

The funds will bolster support for Israel in the aftermath of the Sabbath Massacre on Oct. 7, the Hamas terrorist attack that killed 1,400+ people & took 200+ others hostage. 33 Americans were killed in the Sabbath Massacre.

The House vote is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday November 2.

On October 7, 2023, multiple kibbutzim (small, intentional communities) in Israel near the border with Gaza were brutally attacked by Hamas terrorists.

The attack is now known as the Sabbath Massacre. Hamas, a terrorist organization that runs Gaza, killed over 1,400 people, mostly civilians. They attacked a music festival happening near the border, and went house to house in several kibbutzim - murdering, raping, torturing, and burning people alive. They also kidnapped at least 250 people and took the hostages back to Gaza.

Immediately, some on college campuses, in Congress, in the media, and around the world began accusing Israel of inviting this attack and justifying the horrific, evil murder, rape, torture, and kidnapping of innocent people.

We want Israelis to know that this does not represent America as a whole. We want Israelis to know that the vast majority of America stands with them in their fight to defend their nation, their people, and their right to exist.

Please use this Align Act campaign to tell our own government and the world that America stands with Israel.