STOP Biden’s Backdoor WHO Treaty

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Joe Biden is taking another page from his old boss. This time, he’s ignoring the Constitution’s provision that prevents the president from committing the U.S. to treaties without ratification by the Senate.

The treaty Joe Biden wants to sneak past the Senate would impose even greater restrictions on America’s sovereignty than Obama’s unratified Paris Climate Accord. The treaty, known as WHO CA+, would create an international super-organization with the power to impose new pandemic restrictions in America and all over the world.

Of course, international cooperation with America’s allies is a valuable tool for peace. But subverting the Constitution by stripping the Senate of its treaty powers is a dangerous move that will erode our liberties and strip away our independence.

If you believe America should maintain our sovereignty, DEMAND A VOTE in the Senate on the WHO CA+ treaty – and then urge your senators to VOTE NO!