Stop Sex Trafficking: Secure the Border NOW!

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Recently, Americans’ eyes have been opened to the evil of child sex trafficking, thanks to the release of the movie, Sound of Freedom.

Child sex trafficking is facilitated by multiple factors. Two areas where we can make a difference are fighting to secure our border/enforce immigration law and stopping schools from sexualizing children, which makes it easier for traffickers to enslave children.

The border: The Biden Administration has turned a blind eye to the border, allowing crimes like child trafficking to flourish. So far in FY2023, there have been 1.5 MILLION illegal crossings into this country at the southwest border alone - only 9,200 of those have been arrested. We know for a fact that the more people attempt to cross the border illegally, the higher the incidence of all kinds of human trafficking.

Radical gender ideology: The rapid rise of authoritarian, radical gender ideology taking over our classrooms, libraries, corporations, government agencies, and social media feeds into the sex trafficking industry. It does so by grooming kids - i.e. introducing and discussing inappropriate sexual topics and telling kids to keep it a secret from their parents; confusing children and destabilizing the entire foundation of who they are. This is a child sex trafficker’s dream. We know that children who are destabilized, confused, who keep secrets from their parents and who have been desensitized to sexual acts and discussions, are decidedly more vulnerable to trafficking.

It is time for every member of Congress and the White House to hear from Americans on this issue. We cannot allow children - whether they are American citizens or not - to be brutalized and victimized by sex traffickers and the pedophiles who use them. It’s evil, it’s disgusting, and it’s anti-American to allow it to continue. The stark reality is that our open borders and radical gender ideology are facilitating and enabling child sex slavery. We MUST secure our border, enforce immigration law, and stop the grooming and sexualization of our children.

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