Stop the McCarthy-Biden Debt Ceiling Deal

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Tell your Representative to Vote NO on the McCarthy-Biden Debt Ceiling Deal--or as the Swamp calls it, the "Fiscal Responsibility Act"

- The bill SUSPENDS the debt ceiling until 2025--that's another $4-5 trillion of borrowing authority for the Biden Administration!

- There are only real "spending caps" for two years, but they cut a mere $12 billion in spending right now.

- 98% of the spending on IRS agents remains.

- The "auto continuing resolution" that makes an automatic, across the board 1% cut if spending bills are not passed is easy to bypass and sets the table for big government supporters to support a new omnibus bill at the end of the year.

- Transformational welfare reform supported by House Republicans has been scaled back to practically nothing besides increasing the age for food stamp work requirements to include folks over 50.

It's a betrayal of your future, your children's futures, and your grandchildren futures. We can and should expect better. Tell your representative to vote No!