Stop The Spending Spree

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Republican House Leadership have REFUSED every single offer by the Conservative members of the House to try and reach a fiscally responsible Republican budget.

They’ve instead chosen to BUY OFF Democrats. Yes, they’ve literally used your tax dollars to buy votes onto their Pelosi-style tax-and-spend budget from the same Democrats trying to trample your 2nd amendment rights, expand abortion to AFTER the moment of birth, destroy our state's energy reliability, and UNDERMINE election integrity.

It’s so swampy down at the Captiol, rumors are spreading like wildfire that some senior Republican members of the House and Senate are actually using your tax dollars to buy members support for their own personal Leadership races for the upcoming legislative cycle.

Here's are just a FEW of the items currently included in the Pelosi-style $16 BILLION boondoggle being pushed by House and Senate Leadership:

▪️$500+ MILLION for Democrat pork projects

▪️$70 MILLION to incentivize cities to implement the same insane homelessness policies that have DESTROYED places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, etc.

▪️$150 MILLION handout to woke Hollywood movie studios

▪️10%, 15%, and even 20% raises for state government bureaucrats

▪️HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for government run public school districts with nearly ZERO requirements that it actually spend on Arizona children, teachers, and classrooms

▪️HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for woke public universities like ASU, U of A, and NAU that willingly provide taxpayer subsidized tuition amnesty to illegal aliens

▪️Multiple new welfare entitlements

▪️Hundreds of individual member pork projects

...and so much more.

They're taking a $5+ BILLION dollar surplus of your hard earned tax dollars and SPENDING it on their pet projects.


Arizonans are being crushed by skyrocketing inflation at the grocery store, gas pump, and in every other area of their lives.

Arizonans are watching their retirement savings evaporate in front of their eyes due to Biden's crashing stock market.

Our wages are stagnant.
Our cost of living is going up.
Our dollar has less buying power.

Arizona Republicans should be focused on helping you by passing a lean, fiscally responsible budget that gives you back as much of your own money as possible.

Sadly, Republicans at the Capitol are positioning to continue buying Democrats to spend all of YOUR $5 BILLION surplus.

Contact them now and tell them to stop acting like Democrats!