Stop The WHO from taking away our national sovereignty

Secret negotiations are being conducted by the WHO with delegates from every member nation around the world.

Delegates are being coerced into surrendering our personal freedoms and our national sovereignty over to the WHO.

The delegates from the United States are busy working on plans to give more power and control to the World Health Organization at the expense of our national and personal sovereignty, bodily autonomy, personal privacy, inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms.

These negotiations are so well hidden that it is highly likely that you have no idea who the delegates to the World Health Assembly even are.

The delegates to the WHO certainly do not represent US. How could they? They have not reached out to the American people for your input before they started working to change international law in order to surrender our personal and national sovereignty to the dictator-general of the World Health Organization.

Please help spread the word about these secret negotiations.

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