Stop the WHO Power Grab!

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The World Health Assembly — the member nations of the WHO — will convene in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 27 to June 1 to discuss and approve amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the WHO Pandemic Agreement. Both are actually treaties.

It’s imperative that we shed light on their supposed “mission critical for humanity.” The proposed WHO treaty and IHR amendments gravely threaten our rights and freedoms as they stand to:

● Change IHR recommendations from advice to legally binding orders that all member nations must obey.

● Create requirements for vaccine passports that could be used to restrict access and travel as the WHO sees fit.

● Require surveillance of citizens’ online footprint and censorship of information deemed “misinformation.”

● Allow imposition of extreme lockdown measures, including quarantines, required medical examinations and required vaccinations.

● Allow the WHO to declare an emergency at will.

● Require member nations to use certain “health products” like vaccines, drugs, etc., while prohibiting others during emergencies.

In addition to the obvious threat to national autonomy and individual freedoms, the WHO’s Director-General failed to provide member states with the final text of the two treaties in advance, as required.

Instead, the documents are being negotiated right up until the meeting. While it is bad enough that the WHO ignores its own rules, this also means that countries will not have time to study the treaties before they are expected to vote on them.

A recent letter to President Biden signed by 49 U.S. Senators states:

“The WHO’s failure during the COVID-19 pandemic was as total as it was predictable and did lasting harm to our country. The United States cannot afford to ignore this latest WHO inability to perform its most basic function and must insist on comprehensive WHO reforms before even considering amendments to the IHR or any new pandemic related treaty that would increase WHO authority.”

Time is running out. We all need to encourage our state and federal leaders to work to halt this massive power grab, which would turn the WHO into an unelected global governor of health and health information.

Despite the WHO’s catastrophic public health failures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the current U.S. administration has indicated a strong desire to hand over what can only be perceived as *dictatorial-level power* to the WHO.

State and federal lawmakers must voice their opposition to this massive power grab and assert our 10th Amendment right for states, not the federal government or the WHO, to govern healthcare. Global one-size-fits-all medicine destroys the doctor-patient relationship and robs us of fundamental autonomy over our own bodies. It must be stopped.

● Download and share this May 1 letter signed by 49 U.S. Senators, which calls for President Biden to withdraw support from the treaties. If he fails to do so, the Senators are demanding that the treaties be placed before the Senate for ratification.

● Ask your state and federal lawmakers to pass legislation requiring Senate ratification of both documents.

● Also share this May 8 letter signed by 22 U.S. State Attorneys General informing the President that they will resist WHO governance in their states.

The American people deserve to have a say in these important public health decisions that will significantly affect our future — especially in light of the abysmal public health failures during COVID-19.

What You Can Do:

1. Fill out our form to ask your state and federal lawmakers to demand that the administration submit any pandemic related treaties for the Senate’s advice and consent.

2. Call your U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative and ask them to require Senate ratification of both WHO pandemic preparedness treaties.

3. Share this page with your family and friends. Post it to social media to spread awareness and encourage people to take action!

You can make a difference by spreading the word to as many people as possible.